Health Plan Updates: 

OTC Covid Testing Guidelines, and New ‘Pay Online’ Options for COBRA/Short Pay



The IBEW/NECA Southwestern health and benefit fund announced that it will now pay for the total cost of over-the-counter COVID tests purchased by Plan participants. 

Tests must be purchased at pharmacies that are in-network with Sav/Rx, and the benefit is not available to those who have Medicare Part D.

Note: these tests are for home use only, and will not satisfy an employment-related testing requirement.

There are many more details in this announcement, which can be read by clicking here.


Online Payment Options:

Also, Plan participants can now make COBRA, Short-pay, or Retiree payments using their checking or savings account online, instead of calling or mailing in a check.

Click here to visit the payment portal and sign up. 

We also put a helpful explainer guiding new visitors through the sign-up process here.

If you have questions, please contact Sumer at the Hall by calling (405) 670-4777.